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AybrielBTV Media Company specializes in growing small businesses and their clientele. We offer a variety of media services to small business owners and an opportunity to share their stories with the world.  We believe people are more prone to support once they know the back story of a business and how it got started. 


Down and Dirty is a talk show series under the branch of AybrielBTV Media Company. Down and Dirty is a curated safe space for women and men to have open conversations, inspire others, network, and discuss controversial topics of everyday life. Our goal is to empower viewers from around the globe to pursue their dreams. We are no longer waiting on opportunities but creating them for ourselves. Our company lives by the motto: “Sharing stories one click at a time”. Down and Dirty promotes positivity by shedding light on amazing people in the community while bringing awareness to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and up-and-coming talent in the local area.  Over the course of two seasons, we reached over 50,000 viewers from around the globe. We also allowed over 100 business owners and individuals in the community to grow their clientele and promote their businesses throughout the season on the show. 


In season one we covered topics that ranged from relationships, marriage, sex, mental health in the black communities, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, motherhood, local chefs, and an artist’s showcase that highlighted up-and-coming artists around the world.


In season two we covered episodes that ranged from relationships, marriage, sex, finding your purpose in life, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, financial literacy, up-and-coming bakers and chefs' by hosting a  taste-testing event, and lastly, an artist’s showcase that highlighted up-and-coming artists around the world


Down and Dirty is all about giving those a platform and helping people achieve their dreams while telling their real and raw truth. 

Currently, we tape live in Atlanta Georgia and are looking to branch out to a city near you. Join the Cast for Season 4 below. 


Every Wednesday at 6 pm EST in the month of March, April, and May a new episode airs on all social media platforms. Subscribe and stay up to date.  

Season 3 is LIVE on all social media platforms. 

Want to be a part of our tribe or be an official sponsor? Email and let’s connect! 


Season 2