AybrielBTV Media Company specializes in growing small businesses and their clientele. We offer a variety of media services to small business owners that gives them an opportunity to share their story with the world.  We believe people are more prone to support once they know the back story of a business and how it got started. 


Down and Dirty is a talk show series under the branch of AybrielBTV Media Company that allows members of the community, business owners, and those that have a story to tell a safe space to talk and network with others. Down and Dirty was founded because we wanted to change the narrative and discuss a wide range of topics people face on a daily as well as give people a platform to share their truth. Sometimes amazing people get overlooked because they may not have the biggest social media presence or resources to get their story out and we wanted to make sure everyone that has something to say gets an opportunity. 



In season one we covered topics that ranged from relationships, marriage, sex, mental health in the black communities, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, motherhood, local chefs, and an artist’s showcase that highlighted up-and-coming artists around the world.



Down and Dirty is all about giving those a platform and helping people achieve their dreams while telling their real and raw truth. The show motivates those while giving advice to people trying to chase their dreams. 


In our first season, we impacted over thirty business owners, reached over 15,000 viewers in a month, and allowed twenty-three people in the community to network and grow their clientele. 


Currently, we tape live in Atlanta Georgia, and looking to branch out to a city near you. 


Every Wednesday at 6 pm EST in the month of March, April, and May a new episode airs on all social media platforms and YouTube. 

Season 2 is LIVE on all social media platforms. 


Want to be a part of our tribe or be an official sponsor? Email Aybrielbtv@yahoo.com and let’s connect! 


Season 2