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Aybriel Beckham is a media correspondent and entertainment host born and raised in Atlanta GA. She graduated from Savannah State University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications. After graduation, a total of six months went by without a job and a lot of No's.  During that time Aybriel trusted God and perfected her craft and stayed ready for the right moment. She applied to 459 jobs and on the 460th job, she finally received a yes. This was a huge win for Aybriel and within a week she went to further her career as a News Reporter in Dothan Alabama. During her two years of being a News Reporter in Dothan Alabama at WTVY News 4, Aybriel learned every aspect of the newsroom. She learned how to write, shoot, and edit all her own work. After two years, her contract came to an end and God gave Aybriel a vision to step out on a leap of faith and bet on herself to start her own business. Aybriel wanted to create opportunities for not only herself but minorities of color. Aybriel has always had a passion for storytelling but wanted to take a dip in the Entertainment Industry and make a name for herself which is why she started AybrielBTV. 


Aybriel lives by the motto “God doesn’t look for qualified people but the unqualified people to answer the call."


 “Telling stories has been a passion of mines since I can remember but now it’s time to change the game and change lives through my storytelling.”


In her spare time, she enjoys giving back to local nonprofit organizations and one day hopes to open her own and give girls that have an interest in media a platform to grow. Sometimes women of color are overlooked for many opportunities but it just takes one person to see your work and with God, the sky is the limit.


AybrielBTV is a global Media Company that travels all around the world covering the hottest events, award shows, red carpets and more.  Although AybrielBTV is global, her home base is located in Atlanta GA. If you're looking for a media correspondent that has personality, fast turnaround time, and has an all-around diverse storytelling background then she is your girl! Stay in the loop on all social media platforms @AybrielBTV and book TODAY! 

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