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Available Services

Creative Development 

We are your go-to destination for unparalleled creative development. If navigating the creative landscape isn't your forte, fear not – we've got you covered. Our proficient team of creatives excels in a wide spectrum of services, including custom designs, strategic marketing, location scouting, and more. Whether it's crafting compelling newsletters, dynamic blog posts, intricate storyboards, powerful press releases, seamless website development, detailed project plans, captivating infographics, or interactive data presentations – we take care of all the complexities, ensuring your vision seamlessly comes to life.

What sets us apart is the wealth of experience our creative professionals bring to the table. With a proven track record spanning government sector, non-profits, private entities, TV shows, commercials, live events, and beyond, our team is adept at translating ideas into impactful realities.  At AybrielBTV Media Company, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in creative development. 

Brand Management 

We specialize in curating and elevating your brand's essence. Our extensive range of services includes Social Media Management, Design, and Data Visualization, ensuring your online presence is not just seen but resonates with your audience.

From comprehensive research and insightful reporting to the meticulous creation of Brand Guides, we are dedicated to aligning your organization with a consistent and impactful image. Navigate the evolving landscape with confidence as our services extend to website redevelopment, logo development, and the crafting of a compelling visual identity. Whether you're a startup forging your brand identity or an established entity seeking a strategic refresh, our Brand Management expertise is tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Media Engagement

We specialize in crafting impactful narratives for print and broadcast media. From strategic communication development to implementation plans and pitching to local or larger outlets as well as the art of message creation, our expertise covers the entire spectrum.

Beyond traditional outreach, we focus on the art of cultivating enduring relationships. Whether you aim to make waves in the media or require a comprehensive communication strategy, our team is committed to enhancing your brand and building meaningful connections.

Event Management 

Elevate your event experience with our comprehensive event management services. Running events can often be a hassle, but we specialize in making your big day seamless, allowing you to simply show up and enjoy. Whether you're planning virtual or in-person events, we cover everything from design and production to speaker selection and event materials, including brochures, swag items, flyers, posters, banners, and more. What sets us apart is our attention to detail in managing both the forefront and back end of events. From staffing to the smallest event particulars, we bring your event to life.


In need of reliable event staff, including workers, bartenders, videography/photography services, professional hosts, and event runners? Look no further. We handle all hiring and event management in-house. Additionally, our staff consists of dedicated teams of 3-5 individuals with extensive event management experience. They not only assist with setup and breakdown but also offer their areas of expertise to ensure your event is executed precisely to your expectations. Trust us to handle every aspect of your event seamlessly, leaving you free to focus on what matters most – creating memorable experiences for your attendees.

Videography Services

Welcome to our dedicated videography services, where our team is committed to seamlessly executing your pre and postproduction needs. In the pre-production phase, we meticulously handle the initial stages of your project, understanding your requirements, selecting locations, determining the necessary video equipment, establishing timeframes, and gaining a comprehensive understanding of your vision. We work closely with clients to bring their ideas to life, ensuring a solid foundation for the project.

Moving into postproduction, we add the final touches to your project. Whether clients have a specific idea in mind or need creative direction, our services include staff hiring, editing, and more. Postproduction is the crucial last step before project completion, and our team recognizes its significance in delivering a polished and impactful final product. Clients can rely on our company to bring their exact vision to life.


From grand openings, and album release parties to red-carpet events, festivals, concerts, baby showers, gender reveals, and beyond – let us be the storytellers of your memorable moments.

Interview Opportunities 

Every noteworthy event deserves a recap, and now you can take it a step further by sharing your story through our interview services. If you have a significant event with key contributors whose insights and experiences should be highlighted, collaborate with our skilled media correspondents boasting over a decade of experience. Let them guide you in effectively sharing your story or testimony.

This comprehensive package is ideal for new business owners looking to make a strong impression, individuals seeking to connect with their audience on a personal level, or anyone in need of a refreshing revamp. Additionally, this package can serve as an add-on for events, ensuring that interviews are seamlessly integrated into the video coverage

Accounting and Billing

We excel at bringing precision to every financial aspect, offering thorough Audits to ensure transparency and accuracy in your financial records. From skillfully managing project budgets, and crafting compelling proposals to orchestrating seamless invoicing, billing, and bookkeeping – we handle the intricacies of finance. 

Hosting 101 Classes 

Explore the exciting world of hosting and unleash your potential as a media correspondent with our specialized classes. Our 101 hands-on experience class is tailor-made for beginners and college students eager to delve into the art of hosting. Whether you aspire to master the essentials of hosting or dream of becoming a proficient media correspondent, this class is your gateway to acquiring valuable skills and knowledge. 


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