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Women's Empowerment Event
Women's Empowerment Event
Aug 03, 2024, 12:30 PM EDT
Creative Rental Space

Down & Dirty Talk Show Series

AybrielBTV Media Company presents Down and Dirty a curated talk show series that fosters open conversations, empowers both women and men, and provides a safe space for networking and delving into controversial topics. Our mission is to empower individuals worldwide to seize control of their destiny, transcending the passive waiting for opportunities and actively creating them. At Down and Dirty, we live by the mantra, "Sharing Stories One Click at a Time." We are committed to spreading positivity by spotlighting outstanding community members and directing the spotlight toward small businesses, entrepreneurs, and emerging talent in our local area. Our show has explored various engaging topics, including relationships, marriage, sex, life purpose, financial literacy, mental health in the African-American community, motherhood, fatherhood, the struggles of chefs/ bakers, and more. In addition to our talk show, we organize thrilling in-person events, such as featuring local chefs and bakers and hosting an artist showcase event to illuminate Atlanta's local talent. Currently, we tape live in Atlanta Georgia, and are looking to branch out to a city near you. Season 3 is live on all social media platforms.

Over three successful seasons, we've reached over 100,000 viewers globally. In addition to this reach, we've contributed to over 25 businesses through monetary donations, patronage on our show, word-of-mouth endorsements, or newsletter features. Our goal is to give back to the community on a larger scale, including initiatives such as sponsoring students' education, providing vehicles for the less fortunate, offering grants, scholarships, and more. 

As we gear up for Season 5 we are looking for new and returning cast members. Want to be a part of the tribe and tell your story? Fill out the form below. Have a topic you want to see covered this season? Email We are also looking for small businesses to feature during the season as well as official sponsors. If interested email with the subject line "Sponsor or promote my business". Subscribe to us on all social channels to stay in the loop. 

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